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Novus Soft Denture Liner

Novus® Soft Denture Liner

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What if we could enhance your dentures with long-term performance, plus functional fit AND patient comfort!
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Long-term performance. Functional fit. Excellent patient comfort

With NOVUS® here’s what you can expect:
Less or no “pop-off” while chewing
Greater comfort, confidence
Permanent liner, no need to replace every six months
Adjustments can be made quickly–right in our office
Resists fungal growth
Does not diminish the denture strength
Use less pastes / glues / adhesives

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The NOVUS Polyphosphazene (PNF®) material, used in dentures is the only material in the market capable of giving you long-lasting results, functional fit, excellent comfort and confidence!

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Cleaning and Homecare For Novus Liners

This soft rubber-like material acts as a cushion between the soft tissue of your mouth and the hard acrylic denture base, improving the fit and comfort during normal wear and chewing. Follow these steps to increase the life of your NOVUS® liner, and to prevent fungal infections and tissue irritation. We recommend that you take out your dentures at night when sleeping and not wear them 24 hours a day.

DO NOT use any abrasive cleaners such as tooth paste.
DO NOT use any cleaners containing bleach.

When cleaning your dentures, DO work over a sink full of water to prevent breakage if they are accidentally dropped.

Wipe denture with a non-abrasive cloth to remove any larger pieces of food or other soft contaminants.

Remove any material between teeth using a soft bristle brush that will not scratch the denture acrylic plastic or the NOVUS® liner. With a gentle motion, always brush from the liner toward the denture acrylic to avoid peeling the liner. (Scratches can create an environment for microbial growth.)

Soak denture in an oxygenating cleaning agent such as Efferdent® for no longer than 30 minutes.
Store the denture in fresh water to keep it wet overnight.