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Porcelain Veneers in Bel Air, MD

We use veneers that deliver phenomenal aesthetics with the most natural-looking appearance. We offer a photographic cosmetic makeover of your smile before we begin with the minimally invasive veneer process.

One of the most popular options in restorative cosmetic dentistry today are veneers. Made of thin, durable porcelain material that can provide natural looking, long lasting results when prepared by an experienced, competent dentist.

In order to determine which option is best for you, Drs. Ver Brugge, Phillips and Nagle, Bel Air cosmetic dentists, will consider a variety of circumstances which include your unique dental history, overall health, personal desires, expectations, and their professional understanding of your particular situation to create a beautiful final result.

We have the expertise and the knowledge to achieve the result you desire.

Veneers Today

Over the past 30 years, developing dental technology has made veneers more lifelike and convenient than ever before. New types of porcelain are stronger and reflect light similarly to natural dental enamel. Digital imaging systems enable many dentists to create same-day restorations that are a near-perfect match to the natural shape and color of patients’ teeth. Additionally, other advanced dental treatments such as teeth whitening and dental crowns can be combined with veneers to provide patients with comprehensive cosmetic results and truly stunning smiles.

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